As is traditional in previous editions, the European Championships 2017 will offer three competing DogFrisbee disciplines - Freestyle, Super Pro Toss & Fetch and the Quadruped (women and men divisions) -, giving us 4 new European Champions!

The following disciplines will be organised:

Super Open Freestyle Super Pro Toss & Fetch Division II Quadruped Women Quadruped Men
Limit 110 participants 160 participants 40 participants 32 participants 32 participants
Dog's minimum age 18 months 12 months 12 months * 12 months 12 months
European Champion
Format 2 rounds of Freestyle (120s) *
1 round of Toss & Fetch (90s)
2 rounds of Toss & Fetch (90s) * 1 round of Freestyle (90s)
1 round of Toss & Fetch (90s)

* In Division II's freestyle the execution of movements that could endanger the canine might constitute a reason for disqualification. Vaults and flips will not count towards the final score, even though dogs older than 18 months are allowed to show them in their routines.